Fatherhood – a Dedication

For mothers out there, help is often welcome and there is a vast array of resources dedicated to this need, and people with far more appropriate experience than I to offer.

I want to dedicate this article to fathers, and to bring some avenue of knowledge and experience, opening up for discussions to the men who are new to parenthood, and for whom, in my experience there is an expectation to just get on with it because during the pregnancy and childbirth the mother took all the inconvenience and pain (true enough) … therefore men… you just need to just get on with it! [Read more…]

Relationship Therapy and Counselling

An age old challenge for society and for couples – or colleagues in the workplace – is the business of relationships. We are all different, of course, having been exposed and influenced through our lives by various experiences. Put two or more different people together and, at some stage or another, something is likely to give. [Read more…]