Different Ways to Give Back

Everyone is bombarded every day by commercials, panhandlers, charities and a plethora of very good, worthy causes where we can reach out to balance the inhumanities. All you need to do is give back a little. Giving, whether it’s of your time, money or ear – feels good and even a little bit can help tremendously. Guest author, Jason Harter, is a school counsellor who discusses the importance of giving back to the community with his students.

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Living with Disability – Transitioning to a New Life

It’s very common to consider a new disability as the end of life as one knows it. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Living with a disability means just that – you are LIVING.

Guest author, Pam Johnson, is a physical therapist who obtained her degree from one of the Online Therapy Degrees and she highlights that this new chapter in your life’s story doesn’t have to be a dark one. With this in mind, there are many ways to help yourself transition to living with a disability. Depending on the nature of your current condition, some of these ideas might help you out more than others.

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As the Kids Arrive, the Sleep Leaves

This is a guest post I provided for Helen Neale at KiddyCharts.

I’m unsure at what point this was ever part of the plan! Yes, of course I wanted a family, and yes, I knew it would be tough… how tough though, when sleep deprivation occurs for us – and our children.  We do get lulled into thinking that once our baby passed through the milk demolishing, nappy destroying and sleep hating stage; surely, the worst is over?

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Finding Alignment in Your Relationships

I have pleasure sharing another wonderful guest piece, kindly provided by the terrific Danielle Pierre; a friend from the US introduced to Anglia Counselling by Sonya of the LeanOnUs community #LOU. Danielle is a certified life coach, hypnotherapist, author and co-hosted D-Talks Radio with Denise Brown.

A Work in Progress

Building and maintaining a healthy relationship is an ongoing work in progress. In our world of social networking, it can become even more challenging not to fall into the trap of online illusion and fantasy. Online access and instant gratification have become the new norm and although it may have its pros, it also has its cons, especially when it comes to creating and maintaining healthy relationships. In this world of instant change, many relationships and marriages have fallen to the wayside only to find the grass was not as green on the other side as they had first imagined. [Read more…]

Why You Still Need Substance Abuse Counselling After Rehab

Guest author, Javier Fitzgerald, writes about counseling, addiction and education. His most recent work is entitled “How Do I Become A Substance Abuse Counselor?” Making the decision to go into rehab is a huge one, and you should be commended for it. You’ve taken the first step to starting fresh and new. Still though, you must continue to attend substance abuse counselling afterwards for the following reasons:

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Despair to Creativity – and Beyond!

This post is a wonderful guest piece that explores candidly the journey of just one remarkable individual who demonstrates in a truly inspiration way how it is possible to channel and self-manage serious and other depressive illness – into positivity via the medium of artistic creativity.

Since qualifying from Writtle College with a BSc in Landscape and Garden Design, Ian Price has won a number of awards for his gardens including the ALCI (Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland) Bog Oak Trophy. Ian has also received accolades for his Show Gardens in 2004, 2005 and 2011. Further details at the foot of the page. [Read more…]

An Insight into Bipolar Disorder

Giving us an insight into bipolar disorder, is guest author Shauna Smith.

What I didn’t know then, that would have changed my life…

When I was young, as far back as I can remember I was depressed, emotional and moody. I was very sensitive, easily hurt and bullied regularly. I went through the majority of my life living this existence of sadness, loneliness, hurt and fear. [Read more…]

Finding Peace – Mindfulness

This wonderful introduction to mindfulness is by guest author Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW who is a psychotherapist and author of Shortcuts to Inner Peace. 

It’s tempting to think that you need the tropical beach, the hammock by the lake, the walk in the woods, the yoga retreat or the special meditation cushion in order to feel the “ahhhhh” of inner peace. We all have certain props or places that we use to jump start that special sensation of anchored contentment. [Read more…]