Anger and a Candid Perspective

Anger is a natural, healthy emotion in moderation. Too often we hear ‘angry’ parents speaking angrily to their children and yelling “calm down”! Society is much the same, we get angry when someone transgresses our beliefs and values, yet we may rarely ask why. [Read more…]

The Talking Cure

From the perspective of the patient, Tim talks about his experiences in finding a talking therapy – and the obstacles and challenges along the way.

I saw my first psychotherapist in around 2002. I didn’t want to, but I went anyway. I didn’t like the idea and it wasn’t unduly helpful, either. Wisely, I let the experience colour me against that individual, not the profession as a whole. It made me selective. I wondered if you might like to learn a little more about that. [Read more…]

7 Signs that You’re Becoming a Better Person

Many great thinkers throughout human history have asserted that less than 15% of people are truly “self-actualised.” That means that only a fraction of us are making the most of our potential and our mental capacities. This wonderful guest post provided by my friend, Dane Findley an international relocation specialist who – together with his partner David – help people buy and sell luxury lifestyle properties in warm-weather climates. In his free time, Dane enjoys writing health articles for an online community for creative types over 50 who want to improve their daily quality of life. Dane also holds a masters degree in counselling depth psychology and runs Over Fifty and Fit. [Read more…]

Tales of the Unexpected

Life is full of unexpected happenings and today our guest author, Tim, shares what for some will be a biggie. For others, they can find acceptance quite easily. So, why is that?

It’s a dilemma, is sexual orientation. Unless you are heterosexual and conform to the heteronormative society we live in, that is. Then it isn’t a dilemma at all. The rest of us either conform, or we don’t. So, the question “How do you react to the unexpected?” needs to be asked.

Actually, it needs to be answered.

If you’re a people person then a surprise party held for you won’t worry you… or will it?

  • Unexpected inheritance beyond the dreams of avarice, that’s great, isn’t it… or are you not so sure?
  • Fred, the chap who’s the lifeblood of the office is going out with Mary, they look so good together, but they’ve kept it a secret forever.
  • The company is downsizing, and I’m afraid your job is one of those that is being removed. We’ll give you outplacement consultancy.
  • Alan, happily married for the last 15 years with a couple of really sweet children, one 12, one 10, long-term friend, guest at your wedding with his wife Andrea, tells you he is gay.

[Read more…]

Living with Bipolar Affective Disorder – Day 3

Lynn Browning shares the pain she is challenged with – due, in part, to those who carelessly discriminate and are demonstrating ignorance and stigmatising judgement of others. Despite Lynn volunteering in a shop to help others less fortunate, she wonders if she can return…

Sticks and Stones

One of the few things that I really enjoy, is working in the charity shop. It makes me feel useful for a few hours. I love being out front on the till. I love meeting people and I love the diversity of people that come in. I love the fact that people want to talk to me. Some come in, just for a chat, and never buy anything. Volunteering means that there’s no pressure; I don’t have to be there. The other staff know nothing about my mental health. [Read more…]