1. Victoria Betton

    Hi Bob. Thank you for this excellent post – bringing a psychological perspective to hurtful behaviour online. I do like your metaphor of flies and it does the job of being fairy disgusting! I think the issues of bad behaviour online calls for schools in particular to be supporting children and young people to be considering critically the impact of their behaviours and how to manage behaviours of others that they find might distressing. My gut feeling, like yours, is that the best way to deal with bad behaviour is to ignore it – starve it of oxygen wherever possible – not always the right solution but one I’ve found works with the milder end of nastiness.

    • Thank you for stopping by Victoria, and for your feedback and insight. I present the views within this blog as just part of what may be available to us; to others, realising as you have there are many more things we can consider to mitigate such behaviour, and to respond when we are in receipt.

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