The Year-end Post from Counsellor Bob Brotchie

It’s probably fair to say 2017 was another turbulent year for humanity! Driven by their own sense of inadequacy, copycat terror was once again evident as individuals and groups tried to force those of democracy and of opposing views to cow down to the radical and extreme (non) faiths and ‘beliefs.

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The China Doll That Got Picked Last for Teams

Once again, Tim hardly needs an introduction to this series based around the China Doll. He evokes many emotions and continues to enthral us.

I promised myself that the third piece I wrote about China Dolls would be the last. Then, as I sent the last piece to Bob for him to decide about suitability to publish this one crept into my head. The last three had ready made titles. They forced their way into my head and insisted I write them whereas, this one snuck up behind me and whispered into my ear. [Read more…]

Failure is an Event, Not a Person

Our guest contributor Alyshia Venus shares some strategies we should consider when we experience failure.

Experiencing failure is part of life. In fact, some say that this is necessary in order to grow wiser and stronger, as well as to become more resilient in the way we handle problems. While this is easy to remember in terms of knowledge, actually experiencing this can have a massive impact on a person’s life; so much so that they can experience depression and have lowered self-esteem as a result of the negative experience.
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7 Ways to Help Alleviate Sadness

Guest author, Marcus regularly blogs at psysci, a psychology, science blog that examines the latest research and explains how findings can impact and improve one’s life.

At some point in our lives, it’s inevitable that we’ll experience sadness and/or low moods. When we feel stuck in a period of melancholy, it can seem like there is nothing we can do to help ourselves. That isn’t necessarily true and there are various things you can do to help alleviate these feelings. [Read more…]

Emotional and Physical Wellbeing for New Mums

This interesting piece was contributed by Jackie Edwards who is a freelance writer. Here, she discusses baby blues, postnatal depression (postpartum depression) and the differences.

If you have recently welcomed a new addition to the family, then you don’t need to be told what a life changing experience it is. In fact, there are not really any words to describe the effect that it has on your physical, mental and emotional state. The subjects of postnatal depression and the baby blues are topics that are often mentioned, but seldom really understood. Here we discuss both conditions and talk about coping strategies such as counselling and accepting assistance to help you adjust to life as a parent. [Read more…]

What’s (Who’s) Banging the Drum to Your Emotional Beat?

Do you ever wonder why you think, feel, and behave the way you do?

I’m a practitioner offering an eclectic mix of modalities for clients suffering emotional turbulence, because those clients I work with often need a holistic approach to explore and often reconcile with their past, to positively influence the present. [Read more…]

Choose to Come out on Fire from the Hells of Anxiety

Guest author, Herbert, is a creative writer at Greatpaper. He values the importance of family towards his craft, and travels to give his writing a fresher perspective. He is fond of hiking, biking, and engaging in extreme sports. This week Herbert is sharing in our continued discussion on the subject of anxiety and his relapse with GAD. [Read more…]

World Events and My Equanimity

A stunning read from our resident guest author, Tim, that doesn’t require much of an introduction.

How do I cope with the stress of world events?

World events can throw a huge spanner in our works. One happened with an election result in the USA way before 20 January 2017, but the spanner arrived just then, yesterday, and with such effect that it almost feels as if the eschaton has arrived, and I am not a religious man. [Read more…]