Living with Chronic Pain – Day 2

Please welcome Maggie Stanley as she shares her experiences living with the effects of chronic illness and pain, and learn how she now helps others – as a positive bi-product. Maggie has been a therapist and trainer for over 22 years and owns Pace for Living. She lives in Somerset with her husband and two dogs. Maggie has a passion to help people gain their inner peace and calm. She believes that there are different ways to find the path to our inner peace and calm. The past 22 years of learning and teaching has given Maggie the skills and experience to guide people to find what path to take to find calmness and peace within.

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Living with Chronic Pain – Series

‘Living with Chronic Pain’ is the second in the “Living with…” series – from authors on behalf of Anglia Counselling – sharing their personal insight managing a life with chronic illness. It’s inspirational and poignant and will help the reader gain a real perspective and understanding of what living with pain and illness can be about. After reading and reflecting on the authors short stories, you will be able to consider, among others, the areas below. [Read more…]

Living with Bipolar Affective Disorder – Day 3

Lynn Browning shares the pain she is challenged with – due, in part, to those who carelessly discriminate and are demonstrating ignorance and stigmatising judgement of others. Despite Lynn volunteering in a shop to help others less fortunate, she wonders if she can return…

Sticks and Stones

One of the few things that I really enjoy, is working in the charity shop. It makes me feel useful for a few hours. I love being out front on the till. I love meeting people and I love the diversity of people that come in. I love the fact that people want to talk to me. Some come in, just for a chat, and never buy anything. Volunteering means that there’s no pressure; I don’t have to be there. The other staff know nothing about my mental health. [Read more…]