I have Dashed the China Doll Mould to Smithereens

Here, we are continuing the China Doll series by resident guest author, Tim. Need I say more?

Married in 1979 we both wanted to be a good partnership, and we both wanted children. My wife wanted a football team, I was happy with the idea of two, perhaps three. Nature served us up just one, and his arrival needed help at the creation. [Read more…]

Key Signs to Know if Your Casual Drinking is Turning Into an Addiction

We are, once again, approaching that time of year when partaking in the festivities allows us to enjoy special food and drink and provides us with a much needed change in routine. However, are we mindful of our activities or do we find ourselves mindlessly ‘following the crowd’? Also, consider the rest of the year, not just the festive times. Are we mindful of our habits and behaviours?

Joel Curtis, a registered Psychologists with Endeavour Wellness has over 17 years of experience. Joel also holds a Masters’ Degree in Psychology and owns a number of private practices in Sydney and provides expert content for several national TV and Radio programmes. Here, Joel looks at the subject of casual drinking and addiction. [Read more…]

Understanding the Narcissist

The subject of narcissism regularly emerges when discussing abuse, childhood emotional neglect (CEN) and negative relationships both domestically and outside the home. I find it also emerges in casual conversations I have with others – and many are not aware of the term ‘narcissism’ and how it relates to them personally.

Of course, not all narcissism is unhealthy, but there is definitely more awareness now than in previous years, and you have likely seen many articles posted on social media about narcissism as an unhealthy personality trait. But how does this relate to us personally? Are these articles just talking about domestic and emotional abusers? [Read more…]

Recognising Depression in Older People

Even though depression can be part of the ageing process, the physical and mental health of our older loved one’s is of paramount importance. Keeping communication, and contact, open can help an older person immensely with their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. This lovely infographic, provided by Be Independent Home Care – an Irish home care company 100% owned and managed by nurses, and helps us identify any signs of depression in our older loved ones and looks at the differences between depression and dementia. [Read more…]

Some China Dolls are Not Smashed

Resident guest author, Tim, continues on from his last post This China Doll Failed Quality Control and Must be Smashed. Read, digest and take something away.

I could quite possibly make a series about the collection and care of the China Doll. Some people seek out dolls that they deface, somehow, in order to create rejects out of perfection. Or, rather, they create their debased perfection out of true perfection.

If you’ve read This China Doll Failed Quality Control and Must be Smashed, which will open in a new tab for you, and, while not required reading, is a piece I suggest to you, you’ll learn more about me, and you’ll learn more about China Dolls; how parents can be terrifying, how some children (well, me) were afraid of their parents. Since I wasn’t smashed because I refused to show imperfection until I escaped you may have worked out that I am not writing about me this time. [Read more…]

This China Doll Failed Quality Control and Must be Smashed

We welcome back Tim, our resident guest author, who continues to enthral us.

That’s what they do in china doll factories – they smash them. Sure, we’ve heard of ‘seconds’ but that’s for plates, cups, saucers, and for the Outlet Store. China dolls are the perfect collectables; imperfection might make one unique, like a misprinted postage stamp, and thus have inherent value above the rest. Collectable china dolls are not ‘run of kiln’ or ROK items. [Read more…]

Putting the Milk into the Teapot

Resident guest author Tim, shares this thought provoking piece.

I was searching for a title for this. I had in mind ‘The unpleasant categorisation of people into boxes by idiots‘ but there’s something wrong with that.


You’ve been put into boxes by other people all your life:

  • You’re a very naughty little girl.
  • You’re a very rude boy.

[Read more…]

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Resident guest author Tim, shares this wonderful piece with us about hindsight. Do you suffer from hindsight?

I suffer from hindsight.

I suffer from the amazing clarity of knowing what I ought to have done, what I might have done differently, what would have happened if only they had acted in a certain way and how happy, contented, well respected, wealthy I could have been. [Read more…]

What do I need from a community?

Resident guest author, Tim, gives his unique perspective on our differences, commonality and the importance of community.

Sometimes I need to be part of a community of folk just like me.

Only, since I am unique, and so is he, so is she, so are you, and so, most assuredly, is my M2F transgender cousin, and my other cousin who is camp as a row of tents and a nasty homophobic bigot, I have no idea what you and I have in common. And do I have anything in common with that list of folk? [Read more…]