What do I need from a community?

Resident guest author, Tim, gives his unique perspective on our differences, commonality and the importance of community.

Sometimes I need to be part of a community of folk just like me.

Only, since I am unique, and so is he, so is she, so are you, and so, most assuredly, is my M2F transgender cousin, and my other cousin who is camp as a row of tents and a nasty homophobic bigot, I have no idea what you and I have in common. And do I have anything in common with that list of folk? [Read more…]

Ding Ding! Seconds out!

Are you ready for the fight? Who are your supporters? Who’s in your corner when you have a fight on your hands?

With the boxing metaphor, your ‘seconds’ are those in your corner who have your interests, success, and welfare in mind. They are there to help you prepare for a future fight, they are there during a fight and are there after the fight. [Read more…]