1. Jason Duff

    I love the use of metaphors and this is a great one. They are the way by which so much is communicated. Every story is a metaphor and we create every story. I like this post and what it stands for and life can feel like you have gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson, I know I have. But life is not about what happens but what you do about it?

    Are you going to enter the canvass ring of life? Are you going to sit in the corner nervously looking at your adversary of life, or are you going to come out fighting? Yes there will be a few knocks, yes you’re going to get hurt, you’ve got to duck and dive, keep on your toes and you will get knocked down. Sometimes again and again.

    Staying down is easy the challenge is to keep getting back up no matter what.

    I think this is a great metaphor and exercise Bob. I was once in a place when I thought I had no one around me to back me up. But I was very wrong, I was alone because I chose to be alone. We have more support than we know.

    Great post Bob.

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful input and feedback Jason. It is true that we too have been in ‘that’ ring… and will be back for more rounds undoubtedly; each new round, I feel certain will be easier thanks to the support we can find.

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