Time for a change! (Part 2)

An alternative option for a 24 hour time period…

Please read Time for a change? (Part 1) first

7 am

  • awaken… get out of bed straight away
  • go to bathroom… and take care of the ablutions!
  • the very next thing… find a quiet place and meditate – for 15 mins, 30 mins, or whatever works.
  • leave the smart-phone off… TV off, Radio off!
  • prepare and eat breakfast and notice… (no, really notice) the colours, the taste, the texture; any aroma and sounds as you eat – slow the munching (mastication) this helps with weight management.
  • shower/bath… this can be before or after breakfast, as suits you. Having meditated, you will find the mind-musings may well be more creative rather than worrisome. When brushing the teeth or any routine mundane chores, try to alter something every week. e.g., change the hand you brush your teeth with – that’ll keep your mind from wandering aimlessly!
  • get dressed… alternate the leg you put into the trouser – do anything to break the routine.

Now you are in a position to get on-line, listen to the radio and watch the ‘news’ – if you really need your start to the day with ‘bad news’, lies, war, cheats, etc. Important to stay abreast of world affairs – but routinely listening to ‘bad news’? Local stations tend to be more upbeat!

Make your way to work…

If you’re driving, can you alter the route for a change? If you’re stuck in traffic, use your senses to ‘explore’ what’s around you. Turn the radio down (or off) and listen to noises without judging – what can you hear? Other traffic, wind, birds, road noise from your tyres or the hum of your car’s engine? What can you see, really see between the hedgerows – any wildlife or nice scenery? What can you smell? Fumes possibly, but what else? What can you feel, again, without judging – the bumps on the road, the seat under you? In reality it takes very little time to implement any of this. But if you do, it will make for a more fulfilling and sensory experience.

Arrive at Work

Is there someone you have never spoken to before? Say hello! Grab a different drink perhaps, and listen for any positive statements from colleagues, ignoring any negative mindless gossip.

When you are attending a meeting, or undertaking something you consider mundane, use your senses again to really be in the moment. You might count your blessings, you have a job, be happy you’re inside if the weather is difficult for workers outside…

At lunch, take a lunch-break!!!

Working through lunch is counter-productive. You need to step away from your work; in doing so, you will let your mind assimilate earlier stuff (subconsciously) and you will make room for problem solving, creativity, innovation and at the very least to gain perspective.

Going Home

Different journey perhaps?

Arriving Home


Look and really see your door, your home. Now leave the day’s issues at the door and imagine the family, or loved ones, inside. Greet them; really, really look into their eyes – the windows of the soul (lovingly, try to avoid scaring them!)

Engage with whoever is there and try to make an effort to be playful! If you are to talk about your day, try to find the positives – they are a pleasure to hear!

Eat ‘Mindfully’

Then engage some more; perhaps learn something that you want to know more about.

Before Bed

Try to meditate if you want to release the day – and get a decent refreshing night of sleep.

Ah, that’s better!

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