When Writing About Emotions and Thoughts

Why is writing an integral part of life, for some more than others? Writers express their emotions, feelings and thoughts on a daily basis. Tim, our resident guest post author, covers expressing ourselves through writing and what it can achieve.

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There’s not a huge lot of point unless you use it as well for yourself as you can. [Read more…]

7 Signs that You’re Becoming a Better Person

Many great thinkers throughout human history have asserted that less than 15% of people are truly “self-actualised.” That means that only a fraction of us are making the most of our potential and our mental capacities. This wonderful guest post provided by my friend, Dane Findley an international relocation specialist who – together with his partner David – help people buy and sell luxury lifestyle properties in warm-weather climates. In his free time, Dane enjoys writing health articles for an online community for creative types over 50 who want to improve their daily quality of life. Dane also holds a masters degree in counselling depth psychology and runs Over Fifty and Fit. [Read more…]