1. Muriel

    I’m no good at writing stuff. I don’t do grammar and spelling well. I hated English in school. I’m scared i’ll be made fun of. At least I made my name up! Not sure what meliflusly means tho

    • Tim

      Love your made up name, Muriel. I think you’ve hit on something important.

      It doesn’t matter a tuppeny damn whether you can write well or spell well. I don’t much care about grammar. I happen to be able to do it reasonably well, you are probably better than you think. What matters, what truly matters, is the thinking you do while writing.

      The end product? I want to read it, warts ‘n all. That happens when you next get brave enough. It could be here, on Bob’s blog, it could be somewhere else. I don’t care where (Sorry, Bob!) I truly don’t. What I care about is you, Muriel. I know that sounds weird. I’ve no idea who you are, or anything about you, but I know you actually want to write something out for yourself.

      Will you post it here? I’m darned if I know. What I do know is that you’ve made a start.

      I’m not sure what that word means either. I had to look it up. It sort of sounded right. I wanted a load of stupid words starting with M! Google was my friend!

      • tim

        Hahahah “Shining” – see, I’m not as good as I thought. THINKING!!!

        Mind you, you WILL be shining as you are writing. But the thinking is the important stuff

        If only there were a way to edit comments!!!

      • Sonya

        This is funny – I think we will all be Googling “Mellifluously” now!

        @ Tim – Great post!

        @ Muriel – Nice to meet you… I have an aunt called Muriel… we call her Aunt Mue 🙂

        • Tim

          Hi Sonya. What I hope we can do is to encourage Muriel and folk like her to create something for themselves. Doesn’t need to be posted, even, but putting it in front of strangers helps.

          I was going to say that strangers don’t judge, but that’s not true. Strangers do judge, but they judge what they read. Unless they are feckwits they don’t judge the person’s writing.

          Reading someone’s judgement of what you have written is very useful. IT says to you “They think this.” And then you can decide whether, for you, they are right.

          As well as that you can answer them. We hope they come back to answer the answer, but even that isn’t important. What’s important is getting our thinking to be useful to us.

          I used to sit and fret about one thing, a major obsession I had. All that did for me was to reinforce my obsession. It made it worse. I didn’t want it to be worse. Then I started to write about me, here and elsewhere. I never said who I was really.

          It took a while, but it started to help.

          • Sonya

            Very interesting, Tim. I think that is food for thought for all of us. What you say kind of reminds me that when someone is feeling down, it can help to just list the good things in life along with the bad things/problem(s). Even if the bad seems to outweigh the good, it helps get our focus off the bad and onto the good. The bad may still be there but but it gives you a lift and can help us realise what is important in life.

          • Tim

            Yes, Sonya, even a simple list is a great place to start. After that I ‘want’ more. I want feelings.

            A good/bad list helps us crystallise the ‘thing’ that may be wrong, but it doesn’t get to how it makes us feel about it. It also doesn’t get to the root of good or bad for a particular list item

            My lengthy obsession felt awesome for years before I realised it was doing me emotional harm. Losing the obsession hurt in the short term because it was gone and I felt empty because of that, but worked well in the long term. That means it would appear on the bad side and on the good side and also swap from side to side.

          • Sonya

            Very good point on the good/bad list, Tim. Never thought of that but so true.

            Apologies for replying ‘up’ – It wouldn’t let me reply further. Obviously talking too much 🙂

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