1. Tim

    I’ve often seen this, but this is the first time I’ve answered.

    I regret the need to survive in my teenage years led me to make decisions that influenced my life in ways I did not want. This meant I did not express my feelings, and I was not true to myself.

    It does not mean I would be happier. I would have had different highs, different lows, might be dead already or might live longer than I am set to do today.

    The regrets of the dying are not as simple as the cataloguing scheme would have you believe. A major regret at my death is that I will be surrounded by those who remain of my nearest and dearest, but will remain estranged from the boy I fell in love with (though he did not with me) in 1965 when we were both 13. Dying without knowing for certain something important to me will feel hard, and I know he will either predecease me or will refuse to come to my deathbed.

    So, what will I change?

    Without upsetting those I love, how can I change a thing? Their feelings are important to me, and upsetting them will be stressful. I shall be able to die ‘happy enough’.

    • Thank you for sharing, Tim. I am grateful that this post does provoke reflection, whilst very much acknowledging that the thoughts arrived at are likely unique for each of us and can easily be respected.
      Best wishes.

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