Maintaining Meditation

Practising daily is habit forming. Just 21 consecutive days is all it takes to create the daily ‘you’ time habit. Once the habit is formed, and if you allow it to be, meditation time out can be just as much a part of your daily rituals as brushing your teeth.

Time to Meditate

We often have times to eat, sleep and work and for performing most of the other functions of daily life. So set a time to meditate.

Make it as much a part of your routine as having a wash. Morning is the best time for many to practise because your mind is fresh and uncluttered. Meditating as the very last thing before sleep is also wonderful because it clears your mind of clutter and you can revisit (without judgement) your day in just a few minutes and then relax – helping you to sleep soundly and peacefully.


Having a supportive group or like minded friends can create an invaluable group synergy that keeps you in the flow of meditation. You’ve then got people around you to share the inevitable ups and downs with. This suits some more than others. For me meditation is a private affair, however, I’m happy to share!

Practice at Every Opportunity

The goal of every meditation practitioner is simply being in a state of awareness 24/7. Meditating whenever the opportunity presents itself during the day is a good way to increase your time in awareness, being in the here and now, utilising your five senses. You can chant a mantra while driving, or you can just be totally focused in the present while doing almost anything. It’s not that difficult to achieve with good counsel.


Remember, meditation isn’t only about sitting quietly!


Going on Retreat

Retreats (check out my experience) are few and far between in the UK, but if you are lucky enough to have one accessible they are highly recommended to grow your development. They can help you to deepen your practice.

Read Up

It is useful to read about meditation, its history, and the different styles you can try. Don’t miss out! Do try different practices to find which ones suit you best.

Huge effort is counter-productive in meditation. However, daily consistency is necessary for the best outcomes. One of the toughest times is actually when you are feeling ‘at peace’ due to your practise. It is then that the temptation to ‘just miss it today’ creeps in.

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