1. Tim

    I used to be an employer on the Slough Trading Estate. I considered only the skills a person had, or the skills they promised me they would acquire if I employed them. I took form the dole queue rather than employing those currently employed where I could justify it, which was often. I asked them to put some skin in the game: three months are poor salary, at the end of which they would have proved their worth and be given a substantial pay rise, or would go. No-one let me down because they would have let themselves down and the rest of us down. One chap I sponsored through university after he proved he could acquire the new skills in the three months

    Would I have employed the chap in the video? If he had impressed me at interview, yes, otherwise no. But I looked as deep into folk as I could to see if they had a spark somewhere inside. I think I might have found his, if he had been ready to show it to me.

    Maybe I was an unusual boss, but my ability to pay my mortgage was based on the people I hired. The only ones who let me down were a few of those I inherited from the previous CEO, who hired because they were nice people. Nice is good, but there must be a spark, too.

    • Wonderful insightful comments, Tim.
      I think there are others ‘out there’, but sadly you and they are in the minority. Corporate world is being cajoled into ‘positive discrimination’ but that’s hardly the same ethos you demonstrated. Work in progress, methinks!

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