1. Danielle

    What do people do whose children are adults now- dysfunctional in many ways because of the parenting mistakes already made? Erroneous belief systems have already been created, from a parent with an equally erroneous belief system obtained from their upbringing. Now–said parent has evolved. She/he is aware and enlightened to a higher self- a higher level of consciousness. But now has no idea how to “undo” the damage already done and carries the very heavy and destructive burden of guilt. Any words of wisdom or helpful advice for those parents?

    • Thank you Danielle, a really interesting question!

      Clearly, the past cannot be undone.
      What has been experienced cannot be un-known, so for parents who have regrets it can offer little value to attempt to bring about a change of what has gone before.

      It is natural however for all of us parents to have a desire for some things to have been different, but then we are spending time in a place that no longer exists.

      What we can do is to ensure, as much as is achievable, that we discharge the negative aspects, forgive ourselves if necessary and demonstrate the very best version of who we are today.

      We can reconcile ourselves with our past; holding onto negative events no longer present as a reality is as damaging as failing to forgive another. Akin to that wonderful old quote…

      Like drinking poison – and expecting the other person to die

      Of course, we have to consider, this is a two party deal!

      We may think if we have behaved in a less than optimal way to our children that we cannot be deserving of peace. This is drinking the poison again though.

      A person can be described as their actions only at the time those actions occur. A prisoner is no longer a criminal when he or she is imprisoned!

      Could that be applied to the parent who did what they could, with what they had, at that time?

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