1. Tim

    @Tricia Best – forgive me if I do not uses Google+ to reply to you, I choose to remain as a pseudonym, And Big G refuses to allow it, so I must use this mechanism to reply.

    Thank you for your comment. Did you gain any additional information from the article, or was this a topic you were already familiar with?

    • Tim

      I have done some deep thinking, Tricia. I was wondering if you might feel able to help me with that thinking. I want, first, to make sure that you know I’m grateful for your response, and that I welcome everything in it. Thank you. And I hope you answer my question above, too.

      One part of me is wondering where the very strong word ‘hatred’ came from. It came out of thin air, and something conjured that word for you to use in this context. And I am pleased you have none towards me. What interests me is that the deployment of hatred as a concept puts it into the reader’s mind that ‘some people hate this [thing], thus is is ok for me to do the same’ when that was the complete opposite of the intent I see when you used it.

      The use of heavy words, even the negation of the heavy word, is like saying “Do not think of a pink elephant, wearing a tutu, carrying a tray of cocktails.” I hope for a pina colada now!

      I’m not sure I have a question, not exactly. But I was wondering if you might elaborate further on how the word popped into your mind, and how if at all, my extra thoughts have affected the choice to use it

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