It Passed

Some of the most important words I ever embedded into my life are “It will pass”. And so ‘it’ did! Ask yourself:

  • What were you overwhelmed with this time last year?
  • What was it that ‘gave you’ feelings of panic and high anxiety this time 6 months ago?
  • What was it a month ago that gave you a restless night?
  • Is ‘that’ worry from a week ago as emotively powerful today as it was then?

It is true that specific worries pass. Some anxieties may linger with greater duration than others – but even the intensity of these can be reduced with appropriate cognitive coaching. It is useful to remind yourself, particularly at time of greatest emotional distress, the worry will reduce and dissipate… but only to be replaced with another fresh anxiety… if you allow it!

So what might be a first step to altering this un-nourishing behaviour?

Practising that old favourite – ‘Mindfulness’! Be here, right now! Leave the past where it belongs as the future will be created by what you do today, right here, and right now.

And the next step?

If you’re carrying something, or if you’re unable to free yourself and live your life as it is meant to be, seek some guidance and allow some time for you to examine what can work for you.

To you, for you! Let ‘it’ pass!

About the author

Bob Brotchie is a counsellor, mindset consultant and creator of "Conscious Living by Design"™. He writes for Anglia Counselling, is featured on various other websites and introduces us to many guest writers all covering topics related to mental health and wellbeing.

Bob provides bespoke counselling services to individuals and couples in the privacy and comfort of a truly welcoming environment at his Anglia Counselling company office, located near Newmarket in Suffolk, England. Bob also provides professional online counselling, for local, national, and international clients. The therapeutic models offered are bespoke to the client’s needs, especially those in receipt of 'childhood emotional neglect' (CEN), whilst integrating a mindful approach to psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) principles. For clients experiencing trauma and/or phobia, Bob offers EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing).