1. Moira Upton

    Very wise words. Too often people tell me of friends who cross the street or don’t call following a bereavement rather than say something that might be upsetting. If there’s been a death you are already upset! Feelings need to be expressed or they fester and turn inwards. Thank you Bob, for trying to motivate people to do the right thing – communicate. We are human beings, so BE with someone in their darkest hour.

  2. AnnTIG

    Really, really good advice Bob – so obvious it comes from the heart and lots of experience. Like Moira says below, the most hurtful thing is to ignore the bereaved. Even a platitude or a simple pat on the shoulder is better than nothing but your way of explaining it should help a lot of people to be more comfortable in dealing with these trying circumstances.

  3. AnnTIG

    Just remembered, I heard someone in a hospital drama respond to a well meaning “It was meant to be” with a snappy “Go and polish your platitudes” which I guess is the sort of thing that puts people off saying anything at all!

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