People Pleasing: Time to Refuel

At this time of year, when we are perhaps feeling under pressure to please others, we look at how we can notice and reduce ‘people pleasing’ behaviours, refuel our ‘emotional tanks’ and be more present for others by being kinder and more compassionate to our ‘selves’.

Putting other people’s needs first can seem like a noble thing to do, but when it becomes all we do, this can be problematic, not least because eventually we can run out of ‘fuel’ – physically and emotionally, leaving us unable to do much for anybody, including ourselves. [Read more…]

Autumn Can Be a Beautiful Time

Penni Osborn, Associate at Anglia Counselling (Newmarket), offers counselling and therapy support to those experiencing the menopause and who may be struggling with both the physical and emotional symptoms. In this post, she shares her insight and thoughts about the menopause and how it can, for some, be the harbinger of positive new beginnings. [Read more…]

Self-Empowerment Through Accountability

To be accountable is to take responsibility for our own lives – our choices, words and actions. It involves being open to experience and being willing to accept our fallibility as humans. It means acknowledging that we will, and do, make mistakes – say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing or make a poor choice – and embracing these errors as opportunities to learn about ourselves and therefore grow our empathy, wisdom and resilience. [Read more…]