How to be Absolutely Positive

Each time you turn on the TV or get on the computer, you can tune in to an abundance of negative news that can nip away at you. On top of that, you have your own personal issues to deal with.

It is the fear of the unknown that builds up in our mind and takes over like a dark cloud. This dark cloud follows us, and rains on us, making us negative in our personal and professional lives. We are what we think, and we become that which we are frequently exposed to! Do you remember coming out of the cinema after a car chase scene? You get in your car and feel ready to do Silverstone, huh!

As humans, we sometimes focus on the negative and stay under the negative cloud that we created. We must understand that we can walk from under this cloud at anytime and that we have the power to make our days sunny and bright. (I’ve not only learned to ‘dance in the rain’, I’m beginning to swim in the stuff this year!)


Some people consider thinking #positive to be thinking unrealistically.


But it really is much more than that. It really is possible to find positives out of challenges, although we may first have to calm ourselves and find some acceptance before we are ready to harvest something positive out of the situation.

Thoughts turn into feelings, which then turn into actions. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, you will, likely as not, ultimately fail. If you tell yourself you can do it, you have increased your chances of achieving that goal. Keep your mind clear and your thoughts positive. This way will bring great success to you in your personal and professional life.


Reminding yourself you need not be a ‘victim’, can be very powerful!


1. Observe your ‘negative thoughts’ and try to catch yourself!

When a negative thought comes into your mind, instantly try to find a positive one. An example of this would be thinking about a child’s smile, someone you love or a moment of personal satisfaction. This will help keep the mind clear of negative thoughts. When something unhelpful happens, examine the situation; see if you can find anything positive about it!

The washing machine breaks down. It’s natural to be upset, initially, but try to think about the good service it might have given for years or perhaps it would be nice to have a new one, even though it’s an expense you may prefer to avoid!

2. Engage with positive people.

Stay away from, or at least reduce time spent with, negative and pessimistic people. Surround yourself with positive people and you will be more positive! This is a simple, and crucial, factor in reaching a positive lifestyle. Negative people (energy vampires) can rob you of your energy and your drive. Learn to be around people that are like minded and the ones who have courage to go forward in life, and support you in yours. Try to meet with these people frequently so that their positive attitude will become part of you.

3. Read and listen to positive information.

A great way to create a positive mindset is by filling it with positive information. Too many times we get our information from the wrong places. When we get focused on the negative news of the world, this can bleed into our subconscious. We need to learn to be careful on what we let into our mind.

To get out of the negative rut, we need to get into the habit of picking up an inspirational book, finding a positive article on the web or just listening to a positive inspirational CD. Put a positive CD in your car, home stereo or in at your office. Listen to it for the length of the car ride or 30 minutes in your home or office. Try to implement that one new positive idea that you learned into what you are doing on that particular day.

Image Credit: Jason Staten

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