1. Absolutely love this post. Even though I don’t totally understand what some have to face, I try to have empathy. Personally, I feel they should go with it and stop fighting it. If depression or any other long term illness is an issue, fighting something that will never go away only leaves them feeling helpless and/or useless. As long as they are aware of the issues that they are facing and can get through these bad periods, no matter how long they may last, I think it’s important for them to accept it and look forward to when it eases.

    • Thanks Sonya, these views and your feedback are very much appreciated.
      What if we ‘open that door and allow the insidious illness in rather than keep pushing ‘it’ away? It’s a powerful exercise I for one have undertaken many times.

      • Very interesting, Bob. I tend to agree with handling it that way as fighting it can sometimes take a lot more physical and emotional energy. It can be very draining. I guess each person has to deal with it the best way for themselves but it’s hard watching someone struggling/fighting an illness.

        • I take your point, Sonya. I think it will always be challenging for the ‘onlooker’, just as it is with our children when they are ‘hurt’- and our elders if they become compromised from any health perspective.
          Thanks for your feedback, Sonya.

  2. Maggie Wright

    Hi Bob, Just read your post and think it is an excellent way to look at depression and I believe would really help sufferers to stop adding to the guilt and pain that they are already suffering. I really agree with this approach because so many people feel worse because of being stigmatized. I also write a little blog familiesintrauma.wordpress.com and would like to share some of this information on my blog if I may – as I believe it would be very useful for others. I will include your blog address also.

    • Thank you for the feedback, Maggie. Please do share on, that would be wonderful.
      You would be welcome to write something as a guest author for my site and audience too, at some stage and if you wished.

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