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  1. I am a child of education in the 1960s when mental health issues meant the lunatic asylum and electro-convulsive therapy and the fashionable treatment of choice.

    Everything in my school reports between 1965 and 1970 shows a child in pain, out of his depth, struggling with something, no-one was interested in what. I was to buck my dear up, pull my socks up, concentrate in class, not to answer back, be part of the team, show school spirit [what is that?], and so much else besides. Not one single person wondered if there was something wrong.

    This article might have helped, had my teachers read it.

    Of the matters discussed I think I had a form of depression coupled with an obsessive personality. I’d like to see more discussion of depression and obsession, please.

    My wife and I wonder, sometimes, if I am on the Asperger spectrum. I have difficulty recognising why what I say may upset others, for example, despite being conscious of it as a trait I would rather not have.

    I wonder, with that last, if I may have trained myself to be that way as a protection mechanism, as a suit of armour that protects me from the world.

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