Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Adopt Going into Our 30’s

Tracie Johnson here shares some quick tips on some lifestyle changes that can benefit us as we head into our thirties.

By the age of 30, we all start feeling some of the natural effects of aging. Aging is not something we’re able to avoid, but we can minimize its impact. Healthy lifestyle choices lessen the side effects normally associated with age. Let’s take a look at five ways we can start living healthier now.

1. Sprinkling Activity Throughout Our Day

Most of us work rather sedentary jobs, hardly getting up during the day. Every once in a while, we’ve got to move our body around. Otherwise, our bodies begin to stiffen, making movement painful. Try getting up once an hour to walk around the office. Remote workers could simply take a walk through their neighbourhood. Just a few minutes of activity can help to negate muscle loss.

We should still also try to fit a regular gym routine into our life. It’s not required but by moving around more often, our muscles won’t degrade nearly as fast. If we’ve got a smartphone, we can try using a fitness app to track how many steps we are taking each day. 10,000 steps are enough to make a huge difference to our mind, body, and moods.

2. Drinking Plenty More Water

Everything in our body depends on water to function; it’s necessary for life itself. Drinking more water might not sound like it would change much. However, by simply drinking another 8 ounces daily could make us feel a lot younger. Adequate hydration isn’t always easy as a lot of places don’t have drinking fountains that are easily accessible these days. So, we could store a case of water bottles in our car. That way, we will always be able to reach back there to find something to drink thus protecting us from dehydration, no matter where we are.

3. Being Selective with Our Friends

Toxicity really becomes noticeable once we are out of our 20s. Spending a lot of time with people who exhibit toxic behaviours can change our outlook on life. While it’s important to be empathetic and understanding toward others, at some point, we’ve got to know when to cut the cord.

Cutting toxic friends out of our life can feel like the hardest thing ever. However, once we’ve stopped mixing with them for a while, we can come to realise it was for the best. We only have so many years on this planet, whether we’re 10 or 30. We need to learn to recognize toxicity and learn when to avoid it. We feel so much better when we surround ourselves with positive and supportive people.

4. Decreasing Sugar Consumption

Excessive sugar consumption can lead to chronic inflammation. Unfortunately, most modern diets have way too much sugar in them so eating a raw, whole-food diet is the easiest way to address chronic inflammation.

For example, we can limit our meat intake to a couple of days per week. Vegetarian meals can help us improve our health and at the same time reduce expenses; a sack of potatoes can feed a whole family, and it costs much less than steak! It’s important to consume a wide variety of foods in our daily diet so we should try experimenting with different vegetables, like acorn squash. We may surprise ourselves to discover something new that we love.

5. Boosting Natural Testosterone Levels

When we notice how different 30 feels, that can be the result of lower testosterone. Low testosterone can impact our mood, strength, and libido. These changes can make anyone feel like they’re getting a little old. Usually, testosterone production peaks by the age of 25. After that, it slowly declines for the rest of our life. Supplementing natural testosterone boosters is a powerful way to combat aging. Using supplements like Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis supplement can boost testosterone levels as both of them target parts of the body’s metabolism and help aid in increasing testosterone synthesis.


To remain healthy into our 30s, we need to live consciously as our decisions have begun to catch up with us. Making healthy choices each day gets easier with time, so it’s best to start early. Start making healthier choices today. Even if they are small, you can build off them. Consistently making better decisions will pay off if you give it time.


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