1. Tim

    As you look up the history of the big red J you will find something. These passports, my father’s passport, they have a commercial value. They are traded.

    I see no difference between those who trade in such misery and those who stripped the bodies in the concentration camps. This message in reply is to them:

    Those who trade in Holocaust ephemera, you are evil and the embodiment of evil in human form. You are buyers and sellers of souls.

  2. Tim

    I have been directed to Snopes who suggest the stripping of the White House website is a normal process. I trust Snopes. They are *the* fake news busters. We need those now ore than ever.

    Even so, that removal have been covered by many august and reliable bodies, and it is news. And the news is what has crept inside my head with the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

    That Snopes may be correct, and probably is, something I base own their myth-busting track record, my intellect cannot yet overrule my emotion. Mindfully, I see and recognise Snopes’s point, but emotionally my entire being says “So what? He took it down!”

    My post is about how things make me *feel*, not facts, and not #SpicerFacts or #AlternativeFacts.

    I am bleeding now, bleeding still. I do not yet have the ability to stem the flow of my blood.

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