Counselling and CBT near Newmarket – and Online

If you’re in a crisis, or overwhelmed by anxiety, it can feel like a dark cloud is hanging over you. Instead of seeing the way ahead, you stumble along hoping things improve.

Starting today, you don’t have to muddle through life any more – not knowing where to turn. Instead, imagine:

  • Having the courage to speak up
  • Feeling calmer, relaxed, in control
  • Being more focused and energised
  • Making positive, mindful decisions
  • Living a more accepting life…

No more sleepless nights worrying yourself into the ground. No more toughing it out alone putting on a brave face.

With my support, you can learn how to manage whatever’s troubling you now, discover new choices and move forward in life.

Live the life you want!

I know how daunting it feels to open up to someone new. So, rest assured; I’m simply Bob – someone who’s on your side. If you’d like to meet me (virtually), click here for a 2-minute video welcome.

Plus, I’m professionally trained and experienced in one-to-one support services which make a real difference:

Counselling with me is centred on you… Always impartial, I’ll shine a light on your choices, while helping you see the world as it is.

Plus, I work to the highest ethical standards set by the British Association for Counselling & Psychology (BACP). So, whatever you’re up against, you’ll find a warm human being here who listens without judging. And who respects your privacy…

Whatever the problem, we’ll face it together

My therapy room in the heart of rural East Anglia is a lovely, quiet space. As well as parents and children (aged eight upwards) or teenagers, private individuals and troubled souls alike seek help for many reasons, including:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Family, work or relationship issues
  • Low self-esteem or phobias
  • Negative thoughts or behaviours

Whether you’re near to Kennett in Newmarket – or Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill, Cambridge or Ely – face-to-face support here is always confidential. And if travelling is a problem, you’ve a choice of Online options too!

Start YOUR life-changing journey today

…because for me, getting help to heal buried hurt and make peace with the past was the best decision I ever made… Inner peace can be yours too! Let me show you how…

You can even try counselling for FREE? Book a no-obligation Discovery Session here, because then I’ll help you get to the heart of your problem – and be free of it!