The corporate world can be very demanding and these demands not only affect wellbeing in our professional role but can spill over into our personal lives. As an executive wellness coach, I work with my clients to help improve their leadership performance and development as we consider all areas of their life impact, overall wellbeing and success. It is possible to empower leaders to fulfil their highest business, personal, and social potential through a sustainable mindset and where desirable, behaviour change.

Going for Gold

Great athletes race to lean on their coaches and trainers in order to stay in peak condition and further improve their performance. The external viewpoints and accountability factors provide for optimal outcomes. This also applies in the corporate world as it demonstrates strength and wisdom for a leader to seek independent guidance and advice. Research shows that CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, founders, and business leaders gain tremendous value from collaborating with executive wellness coaches.

As an executive wellness coach, I can:

  • help you perform at the top of your game in all areas of your life, not just in your career.
  • help you cultivate self-awareness and emotional intelligence to make better choices, to maintain inner harmony while increasing resilience, thus avoid burnout.
  • work with you to manage and alleviate stress through a healthy mindset, lifestyle, and other preventive measures.
  • provide you with the right tools and strategies, including a growth attitude so you can survive life’s inevitable curve balls and thrive in the face of them.
  • provide you with the clarity that is an essential leadership quality to maintain strong decision-making, which in turn impacts business outcomes and quality of life.
  • help you to become aware of our own biases and blind spots.
  • help you further refine your communication skills.
  • help you build rapport and establish strong interpersonal relationships which are fundamental to experience deeper fulfilment and success in domestic, social and professional circles.
  • help you find and maintain that solid ground of self to stand on.
  • help you stay on track—moving you away from what you do not want and toward what you do want.
  • help increase energy-levels, cultivate strength and vitality in all areas of their lives.

Flexible packages, designed to reflect maximum value and performance, are available via consultation. Joint rapport is the #1 ingredient so we’ll be sure this is established before commencing. Coaching is, of course, goal-oriented and so establishing a strategy of achievable, measurable short and long-term outcomes, agreed by both parties, is core to the success the clients I work with, achieve.


Fleshing out, your already existing resources, will demonstrate how you are capable of so much more than you are probably yet to comprehend.


Are you ready to invest in the most exciting and productive chapter of your life?

Are you ready to let go of the perceived barriers to achieving maximum benefit with minimal suffering?

Are you now ready for the necessary commitment?

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