Reducing the Noise of Mind Chatter – Mindfully

From the very first moment we wake – to that very last moment at night – we are available, or at least our minds are, to those intrusive thoughts and ruminations, past and present… but rarely are we appreciating the only place that truly matters – the here and now – this second… in present moment awareness.

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How to Unwind After a Long and Stressful Day at Work

We thank our guest Kurtis Wilcox for sharing these great tips with us.

Restoring energy inspires a more positive outlook on life, which is no fun for those who are over-worked and suffering from constant stress. This article will help provide easy, gentle, and effective ways to relax and recharge after work for better sleep, brighter mornings and a bigger smile. [Read more…]

How the Use of Ayurveda is Beneficial

Another insightful piece by yoga teacher, Manmohan Singh introducing us to the use of Ayurveda and the benefits that can be gained from this treatment and its practices.

Ayurveda is an approach based on the consciousness of the human mind and body. Ayur means ‘life’ and veda means ‘science’. Ayurveda teaches us a way of life to have a healthy body and mind. According to Ayurveda, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and vice versa as they are connected. Treatments are given through natural therapies and lifestyle interventions. [Read more…]

Living with Chronic Pain – Day 2

Please welcome Maggie Stanley as she shares her experiences living with the effects of chronic illness and pain, and learn how she now helps others – as a positive bi-product. Maggie has been a therapist and trainer for over 22 years and owns Pace for Living. She lives in Somerset with her husband and two dogs. Maggie has a passion to help people gain their inner peace and calm. She believes that there are different ways to find the path to our inner peace and calm. The past 22 years of learning and teaching has given Maggie the skills and experience to guide people to find what path to take to find calmness and peace within.

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